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The human heart is a priceless, constant, and non-vocal working organ that tirelessly pumps blood to all the body parts supplying living cells with oxygen and nutrition. The care of the heart is crucial to maintain overall health. At CareFront Medical Group, we have a Cardiology section where we provide a top diagnosis and perform further tests to assess the heart’s status and any associated structures, helping relieve patients from any potential cardiovascular issues.

We hold the belief that your heart health is of utmost importance. We are committed to helping you find effective ways to ensure the well-being of your heart. Let us be your partner in this journey towards a healthier heart. Call an appointment with us today and find a solution that fits your needs and improves your heart’s health.

Cardiac Evaluations at CareFront Medical Group

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What to Expect During Your Cardiac Evaluation

Your cardiac evaluation at CareFront Medical Group will typically involve several steps:

Conditions We Evaluate and Manage

Our cardiac evaluations aim to identify and manage a range of heart conditions, including:

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Several factors can lead to heart disease, including:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral for a cardiac evaluation at CareFront Medical Group?

Although it is not mandatory to be referred, it can be beneficial. You should visit your primary care provider at CareFront Medical Group to discuss the most appropriate arrangement for your situation.

What can I do to prepare for my cardiac evaluation?

Prepare a list of medications currently taken and any questions you might have for the healthcare professional. Ideally, provide a past medical history of your heart health and records from a previous doctor visit.

What should I do if I experience any concerning symptoms between appointments?

Any complaint associated with chest pain, dyspnea, dizziness, syncope or any other is advised to seek medical attention from a doctor.