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Allergies should not be controlling your lifestyle. When you are tired of fighting against swollen eyes, a drippy nose, and endless sneezing, please make an appointment with CareFront Medical Group. Our allergists are committed to assisting you in allergy symptom-free living. We provide convenient timing for appointments and various tests to meet your requirements. Contact us today to take control of your allergies and improve your quality of life!

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Understanding Allergies

An allergic response is when your body’s defense system reacts to substances as harmful, even though they may be non-toxic to others. Pollen, dust mites, pet hair, some foods, and many more are examples of these substances called allergens, that can be highly differentiated. Nonetheless, when you come into contact with these allergens, chemicals like histamine are released by the immune system leading to symptoms such as sneezing, itching, hives, swellings, or the worst condition of all, anaphylaxis.

The Importance of Allergy Testing:

Knowing what you are specifically allergic to is important to managing and treating your allergy. Allergy tests can identify what causes your symptoms so you will know how to minimize your exposure or avoid them completely. CareFront offers various types of allergy tests designed for specific needs.

Our Allergy Testing Services:

What to Expect During Your Allergy Testing Appointment

During the consultation, your doctor will discuss your medical past, symptoms, and lifestyle. This will lead to a recommendation of the best allergy test(s) to which you should be subjected.

Skin Test:

Blood Test:

After Your Allergy Testing

When your tests return, your doctor will discuss them with you. They will tell you which things you are allergic to and how badly it affects you. From the results of these tests, they will then devise a plan that specifically addresses how these allergies might be managed:

Why Choose CareFront for Allergy Testing?


Do I need a recommendation to consult an allergy specialist at CareFront?

In most cases, you won’t require a recommendation to see an allergy specialist at CareFront. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to confirm through one’s family doctor.

What if I'm scared of needles?

Blood tests are a good option for people who fear needles.Additionally, skin tests generally do not have pain sympathize with you. We will ensure that the testing process causes minimal discomfort.

How much does allergy testing cost?

The charges for allergy tests depend on the kind performed and your insurance status. To find out if you are covered for allergies by your insurance company, we recommend calling them directly. CareFront can also help to estimate costs before you come in for your appointment.