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Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain Management at CareFront Medical Group

Our expert doctors, physical therapists and psychologists work in unison to come up with a focused treatment plan that fits you exactly.We empathize with patients struggling with any form of pain condition, whether it be neuropathic pain, chronic low back pain, or fibromyalgia. Our goal is to treat your medical conditions and perform interventional procedures with unparalleled expertise. Our staff encourages patients to seek wellness via rehabilitation programs and psychotherapy means. Therefore, we aim at assisting you to discover methods of improving your health and welfare.
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What is Chronic Pain?

Many people suffer intense pain for long durations, weeks, or months beyond the usual healing time. In contrast to acute pain, an indicator of mechanical injury that usually disappears after the cause has been removed, chronic pain persists long after the original cause has gone away. The intensity can vary from mild to severe and may be anywhere in the body.

Causes of Chronic Pain:

There are many reasons for chronic pain, some of which include:

Symptoms of Chronic Pain:

The indications of chronic discomfort are not the same for everybody, as they depend on the underlying problem and individual aspects. Frequently, those include:

Diagnosis of Chronic Pain:

The identification of chronic pain is through a comprehensive assessment done by a medical expert, who can be a pain specialist, neurologist or primary care physician. Diagnosis may include:

Treatment Options for Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain treatment aims to alleviate symptoms, enhance life quality, and improve functioning. This is often done through an interdisciplinary approach, responding to the patient’s needs. Some of the possible forms of treatment are:


Can chronic pain be completely treated?

Although modern medicine cannot always cure chronic pain, it can usually be controlled via a mixture of therapies and techniques that are tailored to individual patients. The treatment goals include reducing pain, improving functionality, and enhancing the quality of life such that those in pain can still have meaningful lives.

Are psychological problems common for people with chronic pains?

Yes, individuals with persistent perpetual pains typically suffer emotionally because they constantly feel anxious, sad or frustrated about the nature of the problem and its impacts on day-to-day activities. A well-rounded care plan addressing issues such as counseling sessions, coping mechanisms or self-management is vital in managing both physical and psychological aspects of protracted suffering.

Is there a rough estimate of how long it will take for chronic pain to heal?

This varies from person to person. The duration of treatment is not the same for everyone; it depends on the cause of the pain, its severity, your overall health, and your response to therapy. Often, chronic pain management is an ongoing process, although we at CareFront Medical aim to help you reach maximal functioning and pain control as soon as possible.