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Other Chronic And Acute Illnesses

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Comprehensive Treatment Solutions for Chronic & Acute Illnesses

At CareFront Medical group, we provide holistic solutions to chronic and acute diseases. An interdisciplinary approach is employed by our team, which consists of specialists in various fields, for managing and treating diseases.Our health programs are personalized for people suffering from conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), arthritis and asthmatic bronchitis. Treatment of such diseases includes more than just giving medications: lifestyle change, physiotherapy, dietary advice and psychological help are all included in leading a higher quality of life while living with a chronic illness.

At CareFront Medical, we prioritize the interest of our patients. Influenza, urinary and respiratory tract infections, and wounds are some of the acute illnesses for which we offer advanced diagnostic testing, pain relief, antibiotic therapy, intravenous therapy, and wound care time. We aim to strengthen personal health through comprehensive healing processes that reflect individual circumstances.

Comprehensive Treatment Solutions for Chronic & Acute Illnesses

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Chronic Conditions We Treat

Chronic diseases are health problems that last long enough to necessitate continuous management. Our medical team at CareFront Medical Group has vast experience in handling various types of chronic illnesses, including illnesses such as:

Acute Conditions We Treat:

Short-term treatment is usually necessary in the case of an acute disease. We can diagnose and treat colds and flu and suggest over-the-counter pills and traditional home cures to get better.

Our Approach to Chronic and Acute Illness Treatment

We handle both chronic and acute diseases with a customized approach. We create treatment plans based on each patient’s requirements and medical past. We prioritize working together to create a medication plan that you can effectively implement.
Here are some key aspects of our approach:

Benefits of Choosing CareFront Medical Group

These are the benefits of opting for CareFront Medical Group as your preferred choice for both chronic and acute illnesses;

Frequently Asked Questions

How must I schedule an appointment at CareFront Medical Group?

Booking a slot at CareFront Medical Group is easy. You can contact our office during working hours or use our online booking service.

Does CareFront Medical Group take insurance?

Yes, we accept the majority of insurance plans. To check your coverage and for any billing queries you may have, speak to one of our employees.

Are there virtual appointments for follow-up visits?

Yes, we have virtual appointments for follow-up visits and consultations when appropriate. This option is convenient because it allows you to receive expert medical attention from the comfort of home.